Can Coach clean off my stained bag for me?

  1. I bought a Coach large reversible stripe tote off eBay. It had a little tiny mark on it, and I somehow got a black scuff on the bottom corner =\

    Can they fix this? Is it free?

    Here's a picture of the scuff at the bottom left corner, and you can see the little pinkish dot right along the top line of the strap towards the middle:


    I'm more concerned about that black mystery scuff. I hope they can fix it-- do I just bring it in? Does it matter that I got it off eBay and have no record of purchasing it?
  2. Coach will not clean it for you.

    you can call the 866 number and ask them what is the preferred method for cleaning a sig. stripe bag, or go here.
  3. The only thing they will reccomend is the new signature cleaner, ivory/dove soap + water or an alcohol free baby wipe.
  4. FWIW, I have used Shout wipes, a Tide To Go pen and Zout on signature material with no problems. Try these at your own risk and, if you decide to try one, be very careful. Don't use too much and don't rub too hard.
  5. Did you have any luck taking the mark out?
  6. something so small would irk me a bit, but i would worry about ruining the bag!
    when did they come out with a sig cleaner?
  7. I think it was october-ish :smile:
  8. oops, sorry! I might try it, but honestly... I was thinking of buying a new one and selling this one on eBay for a fair price. I really like the bag but it isn't prestine; it would be priced accordingly, but I think I really want to get a brand new one. I'm sorry I may not be a good tester for the products suggested :sad: I was actually hoping that Coach could just do it for me! That I would have done, haha.
  9. my sister just got this exact bag, but in the hot there anything she can put on it to protect it...BEFORE it has the chance to get dirty?

  10. i just use the signature cleaner from wonders!