Can coach bags still come with registration cards?

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  1. okay since my mia is no longer available through coach anymore... my only option is eBay I have posted a coupe in the authenticate this thread but here is my question.

    All the ones I am seeing have registration cards included. I thought they discontinued them? Should I assume they are all fake ? Thanks
  2. remember that the signature mia is faked REALLY well on eBay and they're pretty rampant right now.

    oh, i'm about 99% sure there are no registration cards anymore. i've never even seen one.
  3. Hmmm, I always register online. I don't recall seeing a registration card in my recent purchases! :shrugs:
  4. I have found registration cards in bags purchased from the outlet. So, doesn't mean definitively they are fakes. I wouldn't go off of that alone. :smile:
  5. I think the cutoff was like last July or so. That's when they didn't put the card in the pocket on new bags going to the full price stores.
  6. The Mia bags still can have registration cards in them because they were made before the cutoff when registration cards were no longer made. We have a bag in our store on display, a Mandy Courier I think? from '06 that someone returned, that still has a registration card inside it. You still see them occasionally. But Kallison is right, the Mias are faked on eBay pretty well and I wouldn't trust them-- you can still order certain Mias from JAX, remember that.