Can Classic Flap Bags be worn everyday?

  1. I think these bags could be worn everyday and you can dress them up and down. I had someone tell me that they're only for dress and they're not casual.

    What do you think? :s

  2. I wear mine with everything from cocktail dresses to jeans.
  3. Thanks for posting, I knew it was okay. I have a friend that tells me it's not okay. She's so serious about it and I was starting to worry.
  4. Well I just got back from dinner at a great Thai place that is sadly located in a bad part of town, and damnit I carried my jumbo flap..
  5. All day, everyday!!!
  6. they look really hot with jeans! definitely one of the most flexible bags out there atm
  7. I live in jeans and carry all my Chanel bags with casual wear, including my classic jumbo flap!
  8. I don't wear my 227 Reissue as an everyday bag...more like dinner or parties. ITA, it looks great w/ jeans!
  9. I have a black classic flap in lambskin and tend to wear it on dressier occasions.
  10. I got a Jumbo so I could use it everyday.
  11. I just bought a black jumbo caviar classic flap and intend to use it often and with jeans...
  12. Def. could use it every day!!!!
  13. If I had one - I totally use it everyday for sure!!! Wear it your way!! :wlae: :supacool:
  14. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your input. I want to wear it all the time.
  15. Debbie, check out the celebrity section -- you see everyone carrying the classic, with jeans and everything else.
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