Can Chanel replace a lost authenticity card?

  1. anyone know the answer to this? And if they can, what it would cost for them to do it.
  2. No. They can give you a new one, but the number will not match the hologram.
  3. ^^really Mon? I didn't know they would give you a new one. What's the point if the numbers won't match?
  4. I agree w/ Monica, they do not reissue lost cards.
    A new one w/o a matching # does you absolutely no good IMO:shrugs:
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't see the point - if they did not match.:confused1:
  6. I don't get the point either?
    Maybe in giving you one it confirms that your bag is authentic?
  7. where's the hologram again? I never noticed this
  8. ^ left handside on the inside of your bag (may be). Mine is there.
  9. kis, empty the bag and get it under lights fit for heart surgery . . . little boogers are VERY elusive! Look in the darkest deepest corners and crevices:yes:
  10. LMAO SWANKY! That comment made my night...
    I needed a good laugh....LOL