can chanel cut the chains of a shoulder bag?

  1. does anyone know if i can bring in a shoulder bag and have them "cut" the chains shorter and turn it into a handheld bag?
  2. I'm unsure whether they would cut the chains. I do know that I had one of my bucket bags (vintage) refurbished and it came back with shortened chains, which was fine with me. They told me when I picked the bag up that they put shorter chains on the bag. It wasn't shortened so much that it felt weird. I would contact a Chanel boutique and ask them if they would fnd out from the folks who refurbished what, if any, options there might be.
  3. Yes, I believe my mum has had this done before to one of her flaps :smile:
  4. thanks so much......not sure if this policy is the same in asia.....