Can Chanel change the chain/hardware?

  1. Could you have your bag hardware and chain changed at Chanel from Silver to Gold or Vice-Versa.....anyone had it done?:heart:H
  2. Ooooh ... interesting question. I'm a newbie to Chanel, so I'd love to know, too!
  3. Last year, I asked my SA if it was possible to special order a bag with a different colored metal chain/strap and she stated that this was not possible as it would change the integrity of the bag's design.
  4. I tried too, but the manager said NO.
  5. I wonder if you send it in for refurbishing if you could ask to have the hardware, chain changed from silver to gold or gold to silver....if the bag orginally came in both..Is it a no at the time of refurbishing? anyone know.....I am getting ready to send a bag in and would love to change the hardware, chain, from silver to gold. ....hhhmmmm?:heart:H
  6. There was this eBay listing where the seller had a pic of the receipt she got from Chanel after refurbishment. On the receipt, there were lists of services and prices for them. I remember seeing "replace chain" (or something close to it) in the list. But I'm not sure if that means they would actually change it into a different kind of chain. I think the best answer you'd get is either call up or visit Chanel and ask.
  7. I just called Chanel at Bal Harbour, since both bags that I want refurbished were bought there. I have the receipts. I asked the person in charge of sending the bags for refurbishing if the chain, etc., can be changed from silver to gold. At first she said they did not change the color in order to preserve the authenticity, etc of the bag. Once I told her that I have the original receipt, cards, etc., and that the bags originally were sold at the Bal Harbour boutique in both color hardware, she said she would certainly try for me. She would send a request in writing when the bag goes out. She cannot guarantee it but would try it. So, lets see when I take them. Will post when they come back.:heart:H
  8. I don't understand why it matters if the chain is changed to a different color or not? If Chanel keeps track of bags by their serial number, can't they just make a notation in their system that the bag with that serial number had been refurbished and got a different color chain?
  9. For timeless classic, if you change the chain color means you have to change the CC clasp color you think they wanna do it?... but I'll keep my finger cross for this.. who knowss.. :smile:
  10. I know this thread is old, but does anyone know if Chanel will make a single chain into a double chain?
  11. Just curious, what happened when they came back?
  12. Interesting thread... I'm curious too...
  13. There's another possibility of why changing hardware from one color to the next is not done, or easily done. You know those grommets in the top of the purse where the chain comes through? Those are considered part of the hardware. It may well be that trying to remove them and replace them is no easy feat. If I recall, when I've had a purse come back with new chains (because the old metal has tarnished), the grommets are never changed. Just my 3 cents.
  14. I know this is a super old thread but after searching around I still can't seem to find the answer to my question!

    I would like to know if Chanel changes the hardware on a classic flap into a different color (gold to silver, or vice versa) on the bag owner's request.

    If anyone knows the answer or has gone through this PLEASE let me know!

    Thank you. =)
  15. yes i would like to know as well!