Can Cartier love bracelet be modified?

  1. I know it sounds sort of crazy, but I want to see if I can find a jeweler who can modify my Cartier love bracelet so that I can take it on and off without using the screwdriver. I travel a lot and it's a hassle to always have to set off the alarm with the bracelet..
    Has anyone done this??

    thanks for your help!!
  2. I have one and mine has never set off an alarm. If I set off the alarm for some other reason and they ask me to remove my jewelry, I just tell them that the bracelet screws on and I can't remove it. They are always fine it! I would not modify the braclet in any way shape or form
  3. Cartier came out with the Love cuff to take on and off easily.
  4. yeah they did but the bracelet is soo much nicer.
    Have you seen the menotte collection? its very rare but i think it should be able to open without a screw driver.

    the mens.
    (the photos belong to skandi from eBay)

    and the womens.,B6016401,,Screw%20motif-Bracelets
  5. I wouldn't modify it - I think it would take away some of its charm.

    I don't own one yet, although I'm trying to persuade my hubby to get me one (as well as everything else I want!!!!) - is it true that you have to buy the screwdriver separately??? I can't remember where I heard this but it seems a little extreme if it is true.

    Also, does the bracelet come in Silver (I don't think our finances will stretch to Platinum or anything!).
  6. I wouldn't modify the Love bracelet. With mine, sometimes it sets off the alarm but sometimes not ... really weird that it's not consistent. I just tell the staff also that the bracelet is screwed and I can't remove it and I never had a problem.

    Ali-bagpuss - The Love bracelet comes in white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and platinum. It comes with the screwdriver but there is also a separate screwdriver that you can buy as a pendant.
  7. LaVan or anyone else,
    do you know the price of the screwdriver pendant. That would have come in handy in the past couple of weeks. I had an MRI and accidentally left the bracelet on out of habit. I had to get my husband to go home get the screwdriver and come back. The necklace would be handy and serve as a reminder of when I need to take it off in those rare occasions