Can buyer leave feedback when

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  1. If i open a unpaid item dispute then close it 4 days later and receive my final fees back, can the buyer still leave a Negative and if so , can it be removed since payment was not made?

    All so he never replied to the dispute..
  2. anyone ?
  3. I had this happen once, I don't think Ebay can prevent anyone from leaving feedback and they usually don't remove feedback unless it contains offensive language. When this happened I just replied to the feedback that it was a non-paying bidder (they claimed I sent "nasty emails," which in reality just said "I still have not received your payment, if I do not within 48 hours I will file a NPB" and he also never replied to the NPB dispute except to leave the negative). It sucks for your feedback but people usually will understand once they read it. This was a few years ago, I don't know if anyone else has had a different experience lately...

    One thing I would definitely do is immediately add the person to your blocked bidder list, nothing is worse than an NPB out for vengeance by doing a BIN on all your open listings.

  4. If the buyer leaves negative feedback but never paid for nor received the item, they CAN leave negative feedback, but the good news it that you can get it removed. It takes a call to ebay customer service, can be somewhat of a chore, but ebay will remove the neg. feedback if the buyer never paid. Just make sure you do follow all the ebay rules about when to close, etc. which it sounds like you are doing.

    Good luck!
  5. No,buyer can not leave a Negative after you open a unpaid item dispute.
  6. The last time I checked, the buyer can NOT leave you negative feedback if they do not reply to the dispute.
  7. nope, they won't be able to leave feedback now.
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