Can boutique credit be used at the outlet?

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  1. I just brought back a bag to the boutique and exchanged for a Parker Hippie. Now it looks like the Hippie's might be going to the outlet! Can I return the Hippie I ordered and use the credit at the outlet??
  2. yes you can.. Good luck on finding on at the outlet though.. let hoope it's soon.. I'm waiting for Parker Hippie.
  3. I got lucky with my patent Sabrina. I'm hoping lightning will strike twice! I ordered the graphite Hippie, but if I can get it for a deep discount, I'd go for another color...
  4. Well if parker are to hit outlet it will be 50% off
  5. Plus 20% with the coupon.

    Hey this is why your reveal is taking so long. You're yapping on other threads!:lol:
  6. I have a feeling that Parker will be a floorset, like the Zoes, which means they won't be 50% off. No mention was made that they're going to be considered transfers.

    The coupon ends on Sunday. Parker bags won't be hitting the floor until the end of next week.

    buttercup, I'd hold on to the graphite Hippie you ordered for now. Parker probably will only be 20% off initially (I foresee the continuation of rolling markdowns like they had for the Zoes), and who knows if they're going to have another coupon anytime soon? :shrugs:
  7. ^^ Well I did brought my Parker at the outlet at 50% off .. But I agree with you about holding onto the graphite parker since it's a new color it might not hit the outlet since Coach are cutting back on production.. my Sabrina and Maggie are the last one at my boutique, some other boutique doesnt even have it anymore..
  8. hheheh well hopefully I will get PA on my previous purchase and find another sabrina at the outlet.. BTW my other thread are done :yahoo:
  9. I hope Parker hits today,but probably not. Im usually not that lucky with outlet finds.
  10. It can in my area and I have done it before no issue...