can bottega cosmetic case be used as clutch

  1. i have seen a cosmetic case in black with gold zippers ,(in nap in accessories and bottega website in icons ) .any idea whether it can be used as a clutch ,its too expensive for a cosmetic case IMO .any opinions .:confused1:
  2. Can you post a pic for it? for me I will say, ya why not? I bought a gucci which i told it's a cosmetic case but i really liked wearing it.
  3. I think Ive seen the one you mean and I dont see why you cant use it as a clutch. Use away,whos to know.
  4. Sure, but it depends on what it looks like.
  5. I got this one, I've never thought of wearing it as a clutch, it really looks like a make up case IMO.
    Picture 072.jpg
  6. Is this the one you mean?


    If so, I don't see why not. It has some depth, so won't just be floppy looking, like a flat one might be. Some people might know that it's a make-up case, but who cares?

    There's no law that says you always have to carry a bag! ;)

    I've always carried continental wallets, coin purses and make-up cases as clutches.

  7. ^ That one doesn't look like a make up case at all but like a very cute clutch! :yes:
  8. ^ :yes:
  9. Loves the cosmetic case! :yes: I would totally carry it as a clutch.

    P/s Love ya case, icechick! When do you get it? Are they still in stores?