Can birkin " bluejean " color go out of fashion

  1. Hi everyone ,

    I was talking to friend & we were discussing the colors?
    What’s a basic color that will last? & what's Not?
    Of course BLACK, chocolate brown will always be basic…
    & then we mentioned “Blue Jean “color & we know that today it's one of the most wanted colors?
    But will that last or not???


    Open for discussion
  2. I love the colour of Blue Jean on my friends and all the BJ ladies here. But it's just a colour that I cannot find myself owning. It's a bit of a wash-out on me.

    Blue Jean is a hot favourite and is very sought after, if you want to know. Season after season, Paris continues to produce it.

    When I choose the colours of my H bags, I think about whether I can still be bold enough to carry the colour when I am 50, 60 years old. So far, the answer to my own question is a YES. Except for an out-of-the-ordinary purchase i.e. my Rose Shocking Birkin. I am convinced my daughter will demand it when she is 16 years old. :sweatdrop:
  3. Hi Mira,

    I find bleu jean to be a very versatile and rather neutral blue. I have a more casual lifestyle these days and it works with most everything I wear - which is very often denim.

    In summer I wear it with whites, creams, red, navy, some greens, pinks and purple.

    In winter with deep chocolate browns, latte color, taupe, greens and black.

    I don't carry my BJ birkin everyday - but most days I certainly could.
  4. Well ... I do think it's a “WaWo:huh:ooo” color that you can't get else where...

    But is it basic!!! Like do think from your experience maybe or your relationship with the SAs That PPL may stop ordering the color!
    Or the color might go out of fashion or even maybe a new color will take the attraction from it!
  5. I just received a BJ Plume, and the color is beautiful, it's very versatile, it's not too bold, it's a very adaptable color, like the etoupe I find.
  6. I like Blue jean but i dont get the hype build around it? I dont really like the blue on blue tone for jeans so i would never get a bj belt (sine about 80% of my wardrobe is jeans). I only like it in small doses so never a bag maybe and agenda or a key case but part form that i dont see myself with BJ i much prefer the thalassa blue and other colors int eh Hermes blue family. but i have to add mitt i LOVE BJ croc! TD4 the only BJ i would kill for lol. So yeah i dont see it as classic in my books.
  7. I think it´s a classic, blues usually are.
  8. I don't think Blue Jean will go out of fashion. It is, as mentioned, a fairly neutral color with a little edge because it is not exactly neutral. (Ok, I don't know how to phrase that differently, but you KWIM?)

    Personally, I don't like accessories in BJ. Especially if I'm going to use them everyday. I find that it is too light and I'm afraid of dirt. On bags, I would totally go for it, because I baby my bags and I toss wallets, notebooks etc around.
  9. can u post the pic ? of the bag " PLUME color"
  10. ^^ Mira - Plume is the style of the bag - the color is bleu jean. Sometimes we just say "BJ" instead.
  11. For H, BJ will be a color that will be around for a long time. From a gemologist's point of view, Blue Jean is very much like light blue topaz which is actually a very neutral color and suits most skin tones. I think this is why it is such a popular color.

    I do own blue jean H bags but I personally prefer it in swift leather over others. In exotics, I LOVE blue jean in matte croc. I have seen a kelly in matte croc bj at the boutique and if the clasp didn't have diamonds, it would have been MINE!!! :drool::drool::drool:

    For some reason, I have not been wearing bj much even though I think it is a very "wearable" color. Perhaps, I haven't gotten over my pink shocking/fuschia/red phase yet! ;)
  12. Looking at the other picture of your DD posing and with RC's Baby Rocker posing with her birkin. I think 14 might be the age instead ;)
  13. I have mix feeling about this, I had a serious lemming for a BJ Kelly once. But over time, I lean towards other colors like Black, Red, Navy, Brown, Raisin, Vert Anis but not BJ. :shrugs: Personally for the colors I think BJ and Vert Anis is the most versatile colors and they tend to "age" well.
  14. I love the BJ color...I think it def is a classic and would never go out of style...You can dress it up or wear it casually..I would LOVE a BJ Birkin :smile:
  15. I have a BJ kelly, it's gorgeous. But, I don't know if I've gotten the use out of it that I should have. Maybe, it depends on what colors you most wear.