Can Betty be casual and dressy?

  1. I'm considering buying the Betty because it looks like a great little shoulder bag.

    But I'm worried that this bag only works with very casual looks. I'm wearing a slightly dressier coat at the moment. It is black with velvet detailing around the pockets and contrasting white lace piping around the collar and sleeves.

    Would a black or dark brown betty look strange with a coat like this?
  2. I think the Betty looks good dressy or casual especially in black. It is such a versatile bag that it can take you from work to play in no time especially with such a fantastic coat that you described.

    I'm thinking of getting one you know what size you want? I'm stuck between the medium and the large and I can't seem to find the 'true' dimensions.

    There is a great flanelle one on NAP...I have a thing for gray.

    I've posted a looks good dressy. Do you know what size this is?
  3. oooh thanks for that photo! That betty looks great with her outfit and that is probably the 'dressiest' I would ever get *lol*

    I was going to say that it was a medium but it looks bigger to me than that? You never know with these celeb photos because they are all so tiny in real life.

    I'm trying to decide between a medium or a small betty, or a medium paddington. I need a bag that will serve me well when I go out at night to a lounge/club/bar, but I also really need a smaller shoulder bag for my trip to Scotland in March. I was going to get the Balenciaga first but I've been told that my long wallet, camera, sunglasses, phone, and makeup bag won't fit in that.

    So now I'm exploring my options with Chloe because I think the Balenciaga city is too big for my current needs.
  4. I've heard the small is too small...I spoke to a NAP rep today and she said the small is not too practical since it doesn't have much room for everyday necessities.

    I do like the medium size, but I just want to find out the dimensions first!

    I'm stumped by the photo as well...whatever size it is, I do like it on her, it seems perfect!

    Good luck in deciding, but I say go with the medium. :smile:
  5. That photo looks to me like the large. I have the medium and it is approximately 13" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" if you hold the bag up straight to measure. The small is around 12" x 6 1/2" x 6" and the large is approximately 16" x 9 1/2" x 7". In reality, the bag slouches somewhat and the dimensions can vary depending on the amount of things you have in it. The small and the large both have the same kind of pockets on both sides as you see in the picture posted above. The medium has those pockets on one side and a long horizontal pocket on the other side. Hope this helps!
  6. That looks like the large. I feel the Betty can be used on both dressy and casual occasions. You can rock it with jeans or slacks, it will stand out with any outfit.
  7. Hue, Thanks for posting the pic! I just love the look of Betty.
  8. It's the large, I have the same the Betty!!
  9. I think it really depends on what you mean by dressy. If you mean; 'Can it be worn with black jeans, heels and a pretty, but casual, top?', I think the answer is, emphatically; 'Yes!'.

    If you mean; 'Does it look good with a business suit and stilettos?', I would be more hesitant and if you mean; 'Can it be worn with an evening dress?', I would say, emphatically; 'No!' :biggrin:

    In terms of the coat you are wearing, please can you post pics?
  10. The small betty is actually big! you can get a whole lot of stuff in it :yes:
  11. It's actually the medium.. there's another picture of her and she has the betty w/ the middle horizontal pocket. i attached it below from another thread... oops.. sorry for the big picture.

    I love the medium betty.. it's actually really really roomy!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I say anything goes, personal style is way more important than trends and standards. But I don't think the bag is dressy enough for a semiformal party. House party or baby shower maybe, but not for anything dressier than that.
  14. Oh that bag looks great on Carmen!

    I agree, please post your coat - it sounds amazing.

    I have my eye on the flannel washed is gorgeous! Take a look at the pic.

    ggk84 - thanks for posting the info on the dimensions. At least now I'll know how to distinguish between all of them.
    Shadow_Large Betty Tote_2.jpg