Can Bbags withstand toddlers??

  1. I've been saving for my first City or Day, and yesterday my son dumped a whole bottle of water in my handbag - we're talking a puddle in the bottom! It looks terrible and I'm trying to get the water stain out, but now I'm worried. I can handle a $200 bag getting ruined, but I would be really upset if my Bbag took a hit. Should I wait?? How durable are they? I read quilter's post about how tough they are! I'm still hopeful!
  2. When I visit my niece (she's 2) she loves playing with my handbags (I've started her early). She brings them to me and she likes to just take everything out and then put everything back and then do it all over again. She looks so sweet when she's toddling along bringing my bag to me and then putting it away again.

    I'd never allow her to "play" with it whilst she's got food or drink though mainly because if anything did happen that ruined them my sister-in-law would be horrified if she ever found out how expensive my bags are.
  3. ha ha, my DH already got on my case for "allowing" it to happen in the first place!! Maybe I learned my lesson :smile: I think I would def. be a little more conscious of a bag that I love......hopefully
  4. I have a 2 year old and so far my bbags have been fine, mind you the ones I use most are of the darker colours. My black city has had milk/water spilt and it has come out looking great with a few swipes from a baby wipe! The only times I was ever worried was when she was younger and was teething and seemed to be eyeing the tassles rather too eagerly!!!! LOL!