Can bags make or break your entire look?

  1. I totally agree with the rest of you guys that a really high quality, fabulous bag can totally make someone look immediately well put-together.

    Do you guys think that such a fabulous, luxurious bag would make someone look completely put together even if they're just wearing a tee and jeans? Or does the outfit have to look pretty put-together in order for the bag's effect to take place? :yes:
  2. i think a luxury bag can add a lot to a plain look, as long as it's put together. if that makes sense?

    basically, if a girl in sweatpants and a stuffy sweatshirt is walking down the street looking like a big ol mess, but her bag is super expensive, it's not gonna make he rest of the outfit sparkle. if anything id question the authenticity of the bag, even if it was real.

    but an expensive bag can make an already nice outfit even nicer, If someone is wearing a well fitted suit or even a nicely put together casual look, even though they might have bought their clothing at, say h&m or zara, with an authentic luxury handbag and nice shoes, i think the rest can look like a million bucks!

    there's a lot to factor in, but it's mainly about how the person carries and puts together themself.
  3. I think a great bag can make a cute outfit sparkle, even if it's just a fitted tee and jeans. It would take a lot more than a bag to make dumpy look nice though.
  4. And an ugly bag can break an outfit.
  5. :yes:
  6. A gorgeous bag can definitely complete a very simple (but still polished) outfit!
  7. I totally agree with this. :yes:
  8. :supacool: I agree with everyone......The bag I choose is the finishing touch on what I'm wearing for the day...I also agree a great bag will 'uplift' the jeans/t-shirt look..However..I can't see how a designer handbag alone can miraculously transform a totally dumpy look into star quality....Just my opinion....I don't have to be star quality leaving the house lets say on a wekend for a quick trip to the store but if I wouldn't leave the house looking dumpy...I will ALWAYS run into someone on a bad hair day..It's just my luck!! :heart: Emmy
  9. I have a tendency to match my bag to what I am wearing for the day, i.e., color, tone of hardware....I don't feel right if the bag doesn't match what I am wearing, which is why I switch out almost every day. :yes:
  10. Yes, a bag is like icing on the cake.
  11. Yes, but I agree about the whole "frumpy" thing. There is only so much a bag can do. On the other hand, you can look fabulous, but if you are carrying a tacky, vinyl bag or a "wallet on a string" it will make you look fashionably oblivious and ruin the whole look.

  12. I agree that it wouldn't improve her outfit, but I wouldn't feel that the bag was probably fake.

    I think a lot of well off people enjoy slumming it/can't be bothered to dress up just to go to the supermarket; but still grab their designer bag on the way out of the door! :lol:

    After all, they probably feel they have less to prove...
  13. Yes, it can help make or break the look - just like SHOES (my other obsession)!
  14. In answer to the OP's question, I feel that great accessories (bags, jewellery, footwear) can dress up a plainer look, that could be boring on its own; but that accessories alone cannot make a dubious outfit look attractive.

    Conversely, if someone is dressed wonderfully, but is carrying a dodgy bag, that is a shame and will detract from the overall impression; but it will not make a gorgeous dress (for example) look ugly.

    Nice bags are lovely, but they are, by no means, the be all and end all of style!
  15. Completely agree. :yes:
    You can dress in basics from anywhere ( high end or Old Navy) and if your accessories are well made and interesting, that otherwise plain looking outfit can suddenly look very chic and put together.