Can anyone...

  1. Can anyone post pictures of the different sizes of balenciaga? I'm not sure which size will suit me as I'm only 5"1? thanks xx
  2. thanks! that's fab!!
  3. hello! i'm 5'3'', 100 pounds, and I find that the first and shrug look more proportioned on me. However, the larger city looks really cool (that's going to be my next purchase), as well as the larger day hobo.
  4. On my more obsessive days, I've been known to cut pieces of paper to the size of the bags I've been considering and to compare them to existing bags I've got, just to get a better idea of how big the bags are.
  5. ^^Lol! I do that too!
  6. lol i did that last night :lol:
  7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]slowly, here is weekender in ice blue, work in bubblegum pink and city in sky blue. i hope this helps! by the way, over time, the size collaspes and gets all smooshy, soft so even weekenders look smaller. i have the first and twiggy posted on PF as well but i am not in pix to give you a person size reference.
  8. ^^ thanks for that, it's really helpful!
  9. Sure! Here is one of my cities, my twiggy and my first:biggrin:
    DSC03583.JPG DSC03586.JPG DSC03588.JPG
  10. hey ya if you check out the THREAD - "wearing your balenicagas" theres pics of me with my b-bags... i'm just 5'1. I've got a cornflower twiggy!!! hehehehe, i hope you get yours soon! wee heee!
  11. OMG :lol: I did that too when I was deciding between the wallets, clutches, and coin purse! Never did it for bags though... Nice to know I'm not alone :shame:

    BTW I'm 5'1" and I have 3 City and 1 First/Classique. The City is my favorite size :love: