Can Anyone With 07 F/W Bags Tell Me What Your Tassels Are Like?

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  1. The tassels on my Violet City are super thin. They are so thin it almost seems like they are not two sides glued together, but after looking really close I can see they are two. Besides if it was just one then one side would be suede like.
    So I am wondering if it is just the Violet tassels like this or if it is all the 07 F/W tassels? I have seen S/S 07 tassels and they were not overly thin. If you don't know what I mean then I would think yours are not extra thin, because it is very noticable. I guess the most important thing is how sturdy they are. If they are not fragile, and they don't break or split easily, then I guess it won't bother me, on how thin they are. But I am wondering if anyone else has tassels like this.
  2. I bought a RH Day Hobo in Steel from Diabro and my tassels were fine, but i went to Selfridges in Oxford Street London and i noticed that all the bags had thin split tassels, i remember thinking this was really strange.
  3. I agree Deana, My Violet City has really paper thin tassles and my Mastic City has sqishy thick soft tassles. But, my Violet is a drier, more distressed leather than the Mastic, so maybe thats why????
    I had seen fake bags and they had skinny tassles, so when i got my first BBag, I thought that the thick squishy tassels were part of the determining factor in knowing real vs. fake.
    I guess thats not true:girlsigh:
  4. Both my Tomato and Sienna City have the single-sided thin leather like all of my oldies.

    I prefer the single-sided tassels over double-sided, and I don't know how sturdy they are yet, but none of my oldies has split tassels:yes:
  5. from all the violets posted, the tassels are looking thinner than usual.
  6. My Mogano/Cinnamon tassels are not thin.
    But I remember my Vert Gazon tassels split in the first week. But my Ink tassels were fine (same year).
    I wonder if the variation is in the colour more than the year? :shrugs:
  7. The one tassel on the mirror of my sgh Day has a squishy thick quality and those from my vert foncé rh Day are less squishy but still thick, similar to 05 turq tassels if that makes sense.
  8. My 07 (Spring) black city has tassels that are super thin. The tassels on my F/F 07 Ocean City (which has much thicker and more distressed leather then the black) are really thick and squishy.
  9. :confused1: I guess this proves there is no method to this tassel madness. I will try to take some photos of my different tassels. My old ones(04's and 05's) were all perfect I would say, not too thick and not too thin. I do have some weird stiffer ones that came with my Magenta City, which were way different than my other Magenta tassels. I was almost thinking they were fake, but then I noticed someone had used something to color the white edges, and maybe that is why they looked and felt a little different.
    When there has been white showing on my bags or tassels that I don't like, I have found sharpies are the best. They come in sooo many colors and the don't change the feel of anything.
    I have seen some really fragile 06 tassels. Truffle and Lilac come to mind, but I know there were some others that split awfully fast. I am still almost positive the Violet ones are two put together, but just super thin, and that definitely doesn't match the leather of my Violet City, which although is more distressed than my 05 bags, is pretty close to the thick squishiness of the 05 leather. The reason I wanted to know if other 07 F/W tassels were thin, I was hoping maybe they were made differently so they wouldn't split as easily. But only time will tell how sturdy they are.
  10. Deana, I noticed the thin tassels on my new mastic day - 1st bag I've see them on! But the thick leather makes up for it!!!
  11. Deana, my 06 lilac work's tassels are on the thick side for some reason. They're quite comparable to the ones on my 07 black brief and plomb city. I will be receiving my violet day soon and I'll report back with pictures! HTH!

    ETA: here's a quick picture I have on my work laptop of a kinda bad closeup of my plomb city's tassels. The tassels are so thick they're almost puffy/squishy!

  12. Deana, the tassels on my violet are super thin, too! These are the thinnest ones that I have owned so far...I'm a bit afraid that if I pull too hard one day, I'll tear them in two! :push:
    The tassels on my cinnamon are much thicker. I don't know why the ones on violet are so paper-thin. :shrugs:
    But like CF, the tassels on my '06 lilac are thick...though the ones on my ink and black are a bit thinner. Knock on wood, none of my tassels have split yet...
  13. My '06 Lilac and Truffle had horrible tassels, very thin and the lilace was just horrible, almost like paper.
    Some of my others are really thick and others not so thick. NONE are like the '04-'05 tassels which on many bags are still intact, not split and the extras still waiting to be used.
    I have yet to see a bag with leather as good as the '04-'05 era. Similar but not the same. They just don't have that light as a feather, silky,melt in your hands feeling.
    My new Marigold seems to have fairly thick tassels, nothing like the lilac which you know was horrible because you had to make the braid with that thing that wanted to tear if you touched it.:p
  14. Deana, my F/W 07marigold city tassels are exactly like how you described yours. But i do hope they dont split. :hrmm:
  15. I noticed the same thing. I think that someone pulls them apart because every bag was like that. When I got my marine day, the tassels were already split, the same with my VG city. My ss07 black city tassels are still bonded together tightly.