Can anyone who's seen this bag tell me...

  1. In the description it says "back zip pocket". Where, exactly, would that be? There's an "inside zip pocket" so thats not it. I really like this bag and I'm a pocket person, so depending where the "back zip pocket" is, I could be getting really excited...:smile:
  2. Did you mean to attach a pic? or web link? what bag do you mean?
  3. I'm not too sure what bag you are talking about. Pics would help, you probably meant to post some..
  4. Duh!!! (mental forehead slap!). Yes, I meant to provide this link-


  5. it's an actual back zip pocket..don't know how else to describe it...but it's like they slit the fabric on the back of the bag and put a zipper in place of it.
  6. I'd say the zipped pocket begins about 2 1/2 inches down from the top, but exactly as described above.
  7. Yeah, on the opposite side of the bag (which they don't show) has a pocket so you can stuff things that you can easily get out.
  8. Thanks guys!! Didn't the larger duffle from several seasons ago have a zip pocket? Knowing this, the bag is definitely worth considering...:smile: