can anyone walk me through using appleguard?

  1. I want to condition my felicia, and just go the appleguard conditioner.
    Also, is there anything to take a pen mark off leather? Thanks :smile:
  2. Just use something like an old sock and go lightly with the conditioner. Buff it in well. You can always repeat if necessary, but it's better to use it sparingly, or otherwise it could spot the leather. Apple works very well on the Bleecker leather.

    It's very easy to remove the dye when you try to remove the pen marks so be VERY careful with that! If you choose to use something like hairspray or otherwise (avoid alcohol-containing products), I would use a Q-tip and don't rub very hard. I've hardly ever seen anything other than disaster when people try to remove pen marks because it usually lifts the dye as well. Then you get a larger and uglier spot. To be honest, I would probably leave the mark if it's not that noticeable, or in a place that would ruin the look of the bag if it's not successful. You can do a spot test somewhere else first to see how the dye reacts. I was told by a SA that the Bleecker dyes are not cured well, so there is a very good chance you will lift the dye when you try to remove the mark!
  3. Can you use the products mentioned on the ergo white leather totes w/out disaster?
    there is a red stain on the outside of mine, don't have a clue what it is but it does not rub off w/water and honestly i do not know what to use to try and remove it?
  4. It depends on what kind of leather - definitely not if it is pebbled leather. I am not sure what kind of leather the reg. ergos are made of, but if it is not pebbled leather you can try it in an inconspicuous spot and go from there. You also might be able to use the Coach leather cleaner on it - maybe try asking them?