can ANYONE walk in LAPONOS?

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  1. Some of you may know I've got loads of advice off this site to buy my first CL's and wanted Laponos, but no one seems to think they are comfortable and many resell them. I'd like to hear from anyone who just loves them and can walk (albeit not run a marathon) in them.

    Be really grateful as about to purchase and the nerves are making it all go from pleasure to stress:sweatdrop:
  2. What is this, your 5th thread about the Laponos? :P
    Anyway, I can walk in them, but preferably at a slow pace (and no downhill! :P)
  3. Sorry I am totally not getting round this sit well and the Lapono is making me clinically insane - just so much advice I figured the best thing to do was to start threads. If I'm going about it the wrong way I apologise :smile: I am so close to purchase I think I just need to make my first purchase as stress free and wonderful as poss. I'm being a pain in the arse!!!
  4. lol, no worries :P I think we all know what it's like to be "clinically insane" about CLs ;) :P
  5. Aren't the Laponos just like VPs (120mm heel + 20mm platform)? What makes them so uncomfortable?
  6. ^^ There's little room in the toe box, so you have to size up which then makes the very low heel slip due to them being so long lol

    I find mine comfortable enough, now I've stretched the toe box. It's the walking I've yet to master that's all

    If I walk slowly I'm fine, but my normal rushed pace is not yet possible. I'm sure with practice I'll get there.

    I have VP's too and I think the heels are slightly wider. They are definately easier to walk about in
  7. ^ yeah I agree with aeross - I think it's the height of the heel doubled with the 'thinness' of the actual heel which makes them a little harder to master than most high heels. It usually tends to be one or the other - i.e. over 5inches OR super thin heel (so less surface area on the tip of the heel :smartass:) but with the Lapono you get both for your money! :P
  8. With practice, anyone can walk in them.
  9. even though i've been wearing heels since i was a little girl...i cannot walk in these shoes too! they always slip off my feet! maybe i should get a smaller size.
  10. Like I said in other posts I've left (learning the site, not very well, leaving threads/ posts everywhere) at least I will look FABULOUS in the hospital in my Laponos should my ankles snap as I plummet to the ground. I am going to take the risk and as Daisy says, learn. If I can't walk, I can always just look at them!

    Thanks all. I may soon shut about about Laponos and just BUY them!

    ps how do you stretch them - literally put something inside overnight? Daft qu prob.
  11. The best way to stretch them is to put a pair of thick socks on and walk around in them for a while. If you need more stretching than that, you can take them to a cobbler. They can also do spot stretching if there's only a small area that bothers you.
  12. Wish they could do that with my legs :smile:
  13. Haha! :roflmfao:
  14. I love my Lapanos as they were my first CL!!! Everytime I wear them, I get so many compliments. I wore them with minidresses and tights last fall/winter. They are FAB with tights.

    You definitely need to size up from your regular CL size. I usually wear size 40 in CL and I wish my Lapanos were a 40.5 (they are a size 40). I have done the sock trick and they are much better. Get them a little large and then put a toe pad in to help with the high pitch of the 5" heel.

    You MUST get them because they are so incredibly HOT!!! Your toes might go numb, but you will not care because you will feet like such a rock star in them. SERIOUSLY!!! :supacool:
  15. aeross is definately right why they are so uncomfortable... i usually wear 40.5 or 41 in CLs and my laponos is 42 and the toe box is right... i could go for 41.5 but 42 fit also...

    i usually wear my CLs around the office because i am too scare of taking them outside since i have damaged my mias' heel since wearing them on uneven streets. but i did wear my laponos across the street once to the bank, its about a min walk and serious my feet were dead. they are my car-restaurant-car shoes.... and the car has to park in front of the restuarant lol!

    but are they worth it? hell yeah! they are sooo cool and hot at the same time is not funny!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.