Can anyone verify Jimmy Choo bag?

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  1. At that price I cannot imagine it being authentic, be very careful
  2. Doesnt look real to me, better safe than sorry
  3. NO NO NO
    Do not buy something like this from a seller with such little feedback!

    Do your research.
    I'm always very cautious when seller says "it was a gift"
    Therefore they are off the hook when asked if authentic or not.
    Go elsewhere!!
  4. It screams knock off!
    Also when sellers state unwanted gift it sends up a red flag, avoid like the plague.
  5. a jimmy choo w/ plastic around the handles? i'm not sure about that. i would say it's fake.
  6. thanks folks - left it alone. However I am trying to find an authentic one. Is there a sticky anywhere on the forum that gives info about spotting fakes from authentic ones?
  7. You're not going to get one for less than retail unless it's in bad shape. Save your money and get a new one from the boutique. You'll feel much better about your bag!
  8. I emailed that guy for you & asked for more pics he answered & asked for my email of course they didn't come! Complete fake & yes "unwanted gift" or "bought at yard sale" etc are red flags!
  9. Looked VERY fake and I am always sure it is a fake when the only form of payment is bank/wire transfer...