can anyone update me on south coast/rodeo inventory??

  1. i have the next two days off and am wondering if its worth my trek to go all the way to s.c.p. from l.a.

    OR, the very last choice would be bev hills rodeo store (YUP, i'd much rather drive an hour and a half than go to rodeo -which is like 20 mins away... the service is HORRIBLE there) ...if they had a good bag selection

    so yes, anyone been to south coast or rodeo chanel... and can tell me what goodies they have??

    thx a bunch in advance :]
  2. I live on the opposite end of the country so I can't help you with inventory but I don't blame you for not wanting to shop at rodeo drive. Several weeks ago I was on a desperate search for a mtallic black luxe flap. At that time nobody had any. I finally found the last one known to man at the rodeo dr. boutique. I was thrilled until I heard they were charging 2525.00 for it! The bag is 2225.00:wtf: I tried to tell them that everone I knew bought this bag for 300.00 less and theire attitude was-it is what it is..2525.00. Then they tried to tell me that maybe Saks and NM sell it cheaper because they are dept. stores! Whatever! I was so mad-I wanted the bag sooooo bad!! Well- a couple of weeks after that japskivt posted that Saks nyc had the bags in and I bought one from them. I guess the moral of my rant is beware of the rodeo drive boutique!!!!
  3. :rant: :rant: OMFG:censor: You have GOT to be kidding me. That is ridiculous.. that isn't legal. Do me a favor and call the Chanel 800 number and tell them what happened. Also let them know that you bought the bag at Saks b/c of the service. I would def. complain... they may wind up helping you out in the end!!!
  4. I was at Chanel on Rodeo on Monday. They had a burgundy vintage tote, a black vintage tote. They had two bronze 2.55 reissues, one 227 and one 226. They also had a brown suede vintage tote (the long one). Lots of flap bags. I don't remember if they had any luxury bags, I was really concentrating on the jewelry - I am looking for a certain pair of earrings.
  5. Chanel SCP has a decent selection...they had the new Cloudy Bundle bowlers in black and beige yesterday...a few days ago they had a few pieces of the luxury line (small black bowler, medium in another color?, the tote). The also have pieces of the vintage ligne...beige tote, burgandy box, chocolate box?... They have the classic pieces from the MM line, timeless series, etc.
  6. hmm... sounds good, i think i will venture out to the o.c.

    [ i just despise all the rodeo sa's that i've come into contact with :/ ]

    -doesnt hurt to try and see (gas is getting a little cheaper, lol) thanks for the update Smoothoprter and SoCal !! i really appreciate it...!
  7. Look forward to your report!