Can anyone tell me?

  1. What is the price range for a Chanel classic flap bag (small-medium)
    Can you find those prices on Chanel site? How i hate it to go into a store and have no idea of the prices.:Push: I just want an idea of the pricing.Thanks.
  2. The medium is 1795, I believe. I don't know about any other sizes. I was thinking about getting the black one with the silver chain.
  3. So it starting from about $1500? hummm
  4. I just don't want to be all shock if the price all start from $2000....!
  5. Nah, it was definitely under $2000. It was 17XX out here in California. I wrote it down on a post-it somewhere.
  6. Double posting but here it is... medium classic lambskin is $1795. I called the Chanel boutique and asked them. I prefer to know rather than getting a surprise when I go to the store.
  7. Thanks Balenciaga:amuse:
  8. Yeah, $1795 sounds about right for HI too since the large is $1895 :biggrin:
  9. Here's a pic of the one I have. I believe it was $1795.
  10. oh!! Those 2 are so pretty:love: I am thinking a small one, maybe about the same size as the black.