Can anyone tell me who makes this bag ? ( Lindsey Lohan )

  1. Hello ... i was on a gossip website and saw this pic of La Lohan. I love the bag ... can someone please tell me who makes it ? thank you ...!!!!!
    ll purse.jpg
  2. The clutch is gorgeous! There've been other threads about this: HERE is one of them.

    It's called Mahogany, by Marc Jacobs, and there's probably a lot more info in the MJ subforum. HTH!
  3. I think there are a few other threads about this bag. It's Marc Jacobs. The Mahogany clutch. You can do a search to find more info and pics. It's a great bag!
  4. like the bag, but LOVE your puppy!! :love:
  5. Love that bag
  6. thank u guys ... i just have to have it ...but i cant seem to locate on online ...:sad:
  7. ^^I can't think about the bag because I'm too overwhelmed by how cute your puppy is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ^^^ he is adorable ..but he's not mine .. i'm looking at adopting an english bulldog... i'm in love with them .. they are sooo cute .. but thank you !
  9. do you think that Lindsay is giving us "the finger"?