Can anyone tell me which year this bag is?

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  1. I can't identify which color red this bag I can't compare to the year in the!
  2. I can't see the picture.. Can you repost? :smile:
  3. Your picture isn't coming up.
  4. Hey my bad..Let me try reposting again.
    Also..what do u think of the 07 leather?
    blue.jpg redb.jpg
  5. I think ..... the first bag is aquamarine 07 and the second one is vermillion 07
  6. could it be dark pic of Tomato?
  7. I agree with Andy - the red looks like vermillion. Here are pics of my Tomato First indoors with flash and without. The color is a little different
    DSC01483.jpg DSC01484.jpg
  8. As for the 2007 leather, I only have a First from this year. The leather on mine is a bit thin and dry (I love it anyway!), but I believe the consensus is that 2007 in general is a good year leatherwise.