Can anyone tell me where i can find this Gauffre tote?

  1. I am looking for this style in Noche brown or Cera ? Does anybody see it in any of your local stores ? i never saw this in person just in Jill's pics, can any body tell me the dimension and is it a very huge bag ? Thanks
  2. i have called a few store in my area, but no luck.
  3. It's a pretty big bag, but FABULOUS! Did you try NM (ask for the Prada boutique) Fashion Island, CA? I saw it there about a month ago in brown. Good Luck!

    The camel color is on Bluefly right now.
  4. Is this style a up to date style that sold out everywhere or because is past season style so that's why hard to locate one again ?
  5. I just sent you a PM.... it has been a few weeks, but I did see this bag in the cera color - and it was on sale! I hope it is still there for you! Good luck!
  6. It was sold but thanks for the information