can anyone tell me what's the name of this tote...

  1. just picked up my beige petite shopper... as far as i can see in the sydney boutique, this is the only size they have for the classic tote.

    am still happy with it.. love the size and colour.. but i found the magnetic lock looks a bit weird.

    just wondering, does this particular style (*the classic tote) come with zipper instead of the magnetic lock?
    coz i saw someone with a caviartote that look similar like the classic tote, the bag looks chunky, got the zipper on it and the chain is different from the petite shopper (the chain looks the same like the classic flap chain). i hope this is a good description. . . :s
    can anyone tell me what's the name of the tote? is it part of the classic range as well?
    *coz i was thinking to return my petite shopper with that tote..

    TIA :yes:
  2. I am not certain but you may be talking about the new cavier bowler. It looks more like a tote to me but for some reason I think it is called a bowler. It is simliar size to the petite shopper but more chunky with a zipper closure. I have seen it in the new caviar and crackled patent. However, I think it is priced much higher than the petite shopper.
  3. could you post a photo please?

    'Beige Petit Shopper' or 'Classic Tote' could be a few different things since Chanel doesn't name each bag somethien different.
  4. You mentioned 2 different ones. . . teh Petit Shopper that people usually refer to is this one:
    credit: thompk

    I guess the one you linked is a Small Classic Tote?
    Like I said, Chanel doesn't usually name the bags individually, so a lot of bags come w/ the description, small tote, petit shopper, etc. . .
  5. yes, the one that i've bought is the same like the one u've post.
    but i think i want to exchange it with the one that i've linked.

    I'd just like to know the name of the tote that i've linked coz I was thinkin to change my petite shopper to the tote that i've linked before...
    But becoz i dont know the particular name of the tote, it's a bit hard to refer it to the SA over the phone.. she said she needs to know the code as well..

    Do you know the retail of that one smo3? *to the one that i've linked..
    Thanks btw, smo3... ;)
  6. Get the one that you want. Because you won't be 100% happy

    Take the picture in and ask the SA whether they can souce this bag (either from other Aust boutiques or from Chanel directly)

    However, knowing how the Sydney Store is, it's probably better you found that bag yourself
  7. what does the bowler look like 255medina? do u have any picture?
    well, I really don't mind bout the price differences, the thing is just.. I do like the petite shopper tote but I feel weird with the magnetic snap closure..
  8. I had the one that you linked and love that style--much more than the petite shopper. I say exchange. I'm sorry I can't help you on the style number but just bring that picture in and the SA will know it right away. It is a great bag!!..I believe that Cyprus has this in the butterscotch color so if you Pm her she may still have tag with style number!