Can Anyone Tell Me What this Cake is???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I had a delicious cake at a party recently, and the lady who made it told me what the basic ingredients are, but I didn't get the recipe!

    She said it was made out of chocolate cake mix with a box of pudding mixed in, some cream cheese, and chocolate chips.

    Does anyone know what i'm talking about??? And if so, can I get a recipe? I'd like to make it for a party this weekend, so any help is very, very greatly appreciated!!! :yes:
  2. No takers? :p
  3. Im not sure it has a name..i think its just a mix of stuff
  4. Cake mix always tastes good with a box of pudding mix or a pack of Dream Whip. The cream cheese is what is throwing me. Was it a bundt cake or a layer cake or a sheet cake? What was the frosting?
  5. It was baked in a regular 9x13 pan, and the lady who made it just cut the cake into squares and served. There was no frosting (it was so delicious, it didn't even need frosting :drool: ).

    I guess she said she added pudding to the cake mix. There were "chunks" of cream cheese swirled throughout the cake. There were also chocolate chips baked into the cake.

    It really does seem kind of like it was all "dumped" together, but I wanted to know if there were exact portions I should be using. When you add a box of pudding to cake mix, do you have to increase any of the other basic ingredients (like water/eggs/oil/etc)?

    Thanks for the help!
  6. i just googled the ingredients you mentioned and came up with darn good chocolate cake. just google and the recipe is there. i am too lazy to type it all out. and too computer illiterate to link you without an email address. just google it is there.
  7. i forgot to say it is sour cream instead of cream cheese