Can anyone tell me what this bag is called?

  1. Please be gentle...I've never owned an LV before...:nogood:

    So a few months ago I was in a bar and this woman had what I thought was an LV bag (if not it was a damn good knockoff!) - it was tan, appeared to be canvas, and had the leather handles and such. The monogram was metallic multicolored - not each letter/logo a different color like on the Murakami style, but the individual letters themselves were multicolored such as blue fading into purple fading into red. Does anyone know the name of this bag? I have to have it! I hope my description is sufficient, and thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Sounds like a fake, I'll find a pic of what I think you're talking about.
  3. This isn't exactly the one I was thinking of (I've seen Manhattan's and Neo Speedy's with this material as well) but good enough.
  4. Yeah, that is the monogram I was talking about! It was a different style and color but that's it. So there isn't an authentic LV made like this? :crybaby:
  5. ^^ not at all,.
  6. Yeah I figured, there used to be a lot on ioffer and all over, really, but now I can't find a single pic.
    Anyway so ya that's definitely fake. :push:
  7. Yeah, I'm sorry.

    LV has not made a bag made of that kind of material.