Can anyone tell me what season/year this is from

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  1. I bought this bag at an outlet in January. It is a small signature duffle, I have it in black signature and loooove it, it is just the right size. I called Coach and they are sending me a dustbag, as I didn't get one when I purchased it. I was thinking it was from fall 06 ? Does anyone have any info ? Thanks so much[​IMG]
  2. that style actually sold for a few years I think, I have the large version of that same one which they don't sell anymore, LOVE IT!

    what is the date stamp on the creed? that will tell you what year yours was made
  3. Thank you, I was wondering about that it is J055. Does that mean January of 2005 ? I love how it stands up, it is a great shape and size ! Thanks
  4. the J means nothing. but it is from 2005. To show you, my larger version is from 2002. I dont think they make either size anymore, but it is prob my fav Coach, holds so much stuff and I can wear it cross body if I want to
  5. cool thanks !