Arts & Crafts ......... Can anyone tell me what kind of Craft this is?........

Mar 10, 2009
Hello there,

Can anyone help me identify what type of craft this is?

I am trying to google, but don't know the search terms!

I bought this at a mall kiosk a few years ago and am trying to locate the manufacturer so I can order a replacement frame (I dropped it and broke the glass frame) and I want to order the other 5-6 designs that made up the set.

I tried to research the copyright and locate the Dream Art Co. Ltd. - but no luck!

Can anyone help? Thank you so much.



Feb 17, 2013
Nice done coutureinatl, My first time to contact with 3D Paper Art! Well, it widened my sight. But the word "tole" still does not make sense to me who take English as a second language, which might be a pity. Well, I'd like to google and figure out what on earth it is. :smile: Thanks for the posts here, it give mu much clues!