Can anyone tell me what crossbody bags are currently at the coach outlets?


Jan 6, 2010
I hope to go to the coach outlet this weekend because I NEED a crossbody bag for work purposes.

The outlet near me is a ways away however, and I hate to call the salesgirls and have them tell me the style because they are ALWAYS so busy and rushed.

Does anyone know what styles/colors of crossbody bags are there right now? The coach outlet employee I spoke to today just had time to say there were "several styles, pricepoints are 79.99 - 119.00.".

So if anyone knows, at least what you've seen in your own outlets (my outlet would be the sawgrass mills mall in Sunrise, Florida) I would appreciate it! THANKS! :smile:


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Jan 29, 2009
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It's really hard to say because everyone's outlet has something different. And if it's an item that was deleted from the boutique, often times stock on hand changes so frequently because there are always people buying. I know outlets ALWAYS have swingpacks. Those are really small and typically flat crossbody bags.

I think if you do a search for "Coach crossbody bags" on eBay, the bags you see most frequently may be a good indicator of one that may be at your local outlet. Sometimes you can even find style number and color information in that listing. Then you can try calling your local outlet with that information to see if they have the bag in stock or not. You're right about outlets being busy. Your best bet is just to go and browse their selection if you're not looking for a specific bag.


Feb 7, 2010
Mine has the jade Hailey which can be worn crossbody. However it's in Barstow, CA so yours may have completely different stuff.


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Dec 18, 2009
There were some groovys at my outlet yesterday - red patent, khaki/gold sig, and khaki/pink sig and one black/black signature. The new large and small MFF Zoes are crossbody bags. There were a number of swingpacks including some poppy and madison swingpacks and many MFF swingpacks.


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Apr 21, 2009
I went to the Potomac mills outlet Coach factory in NOVA. I saw penolope cross body in leather and siggy. A few cherry colored haileys 50% of 269.99 with another 20% so I guess around 120 after taxes. And siggy stripped crossbody that could be worn under arm or crossbody and black poppy (sorry I don't know the name) siggy crossbody bag around the same price as hailey after discounts etc. Oh yeah lots of Zoe style bags that could be worn crossbody or under arm. I bought a black wallet only, kinda kicking myself for leaving the cherry colored hailey behind-just couldn't place the colors in my wardrobe with this bag, I know realize cherry is the new black lol. Well, Hopefully this will give you some idea of whats new at the outlets. Oh and wear sneaks and prepare to wait the outlet stores/mall were loaded with shoppers :smile:. Goodluck and happy shopping to you.
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