Can anyone tell me what color is available now of the Chanel wallet with chain ?

  1. I just have one small chanel store under Nordstrom in my area, I am interested to buy a Chanel Chain wallet, the store is only selling Black, Navy and dark brown. Can anyone tell me if there is other color is selling right now in other Chanel stores? if u can tell me which Chanel store that i can make a call that could help a lot too. thanks !
  2. i recently saw it in blue (not navy) and it was perforated, and an orange color.
  3. Cookie Monster , can you tell me which store of Chanel you saw them ? are they silver or gold chain ? thanks
  4. Neiman Marcus should still have the one I ordered available through catalog quick order. Item number 15b catalog code F807 (you can go to the Neiman Marcus website and click catalog quick order). It's the black metallic wallet on chain with CC closure and silver hardware.


    Pictures do not do justice.
  5. i am not sure on the color of the chain. They were at Saks in Boca Raton, fl towncenter mall. They also had brown & black as well. hope this helps. the # i think is 561 393-9100. good luck!
  6. missisa07 - Your Wallet on a chain is beautiful.
    How much is that?
    I'm tempted to order one.
  7. I am having trouble finding a silver one...
  8. NM in Atlanta had a red lambskin when I went yesterday. It was the quilted design with small CC closure, like the one that Missisa posted above. The lambskin was smooth and not sparkly.
  9. i recently saw this orange-ish red colored one in lambskin with the cc closure at the topanga nordstroms. i also saw a black lambskin with cc closure at the chanel at scp