Can anyone tell me what brand a purse might be?

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  1. My boyfriend is a salesman at a high end dealership and one of his fellow salespersons sold a car to a girl that owned what was apparently a very expensive, black shimmery large handbag with an embellished large gothic cross on it. He took pictures for me, and I will try to upload once I get them. He said it was around 3 k. Any ideas on the designer? Any help is appreciated, I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure it out myself!

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  3. Oh sorry did not notice that your BF said it cost 3K so obviously it's neither one of them. Good luck finding out!
  4. Chrome Hearts? I don't have any picture but I know their bags are expensive and have cross on the some styles.
  5. the pics will help, but i can't think of any brand that sounds like what you described.
  6. Ok, finally got the pics onto a regular computer to load up. The only pic he had was of her holding it, so good for size reference anyway I suppose. Here it is; if anyone has any idea if it's anything worth hunting down, my little sister would love this bag as a graduation gift.

  7. Wow, 3K for a graduation gift! Your sister is very lucky to have you.

    I've seen this type of handbag in LA at a Western-style shop, but it was a while ago. I did a search and came up with a possible designer who seems to adore a ton of rhinestones, crystals, silver, studs, etc. in addition to what looks like genuine exotic leathers. BTW, I have no idea what these handbags cost . . .

    Here's a link:

    Good luck!


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