Can anyone tell me the prices of the 2.55 in Singapore, London and Paris?

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  1. Hey Chanel lovers.

    I am visiting all of these places this year, and want to get a 2.55 (black Med size)
    Anyone know the prices?

    THank you ;)
  2. In Singapore, i asked recently, and if I didn't rem wrongly, the caviar skin is S$2.6++K and the lambskin is S$2.9++K. :smile:
  3. I am told by Chanel that the price should be the same in every boutique worldwide, the difference will be if you can reclaim some of the taxes.
  4. Not true for Australia that's for sure... everything has import tax here so it's all SO much more expensive
  5. Well, I checked the price of a bag whilst I was in Sydney and left it as I was going to Dubai and hoped to get it a bit cheaper - sadly it wasn't so I had to force myself to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:huh:
  6. oops. sorry, just realised i misread ur msg. the prices i posted i think are for the small size. sorry!!!
  7. That's ok... any ideas on the medium? Are you from Singapore? Have you heard of the 2nd hand bag stores and do you know if you are good and where they are?

  8. hi crystal,

    sorry no ideas on the medium, cos i didn't enquire...
    yes, there are a few 2nd hand shops around. :smile:
    there's one in far east plaza in orchard - i think it's on the ground floor.

    there's another in united square (near the Novena tube station). think it's called prestige collector.

    there's another called 'madam milan' in the raffles place station itself, in the little shops there.

    haven't been inside "prestige collector' but from peeking in at the window display, i think there's qt a collection of LVs. didn't like the SA at the far east plaza one, but u may get better luck. :smile: 'madam milan' is a small shop, but not bad :smile:

    if i come across anymore i'll let u know :smile:
  9. I'll try and find out the London price and post it when I know.

  10. Thanks girls!
    So Isadora , are these shops good? What condition are thr bags in and what kind of price saving are we talking?
  11. hi crystal,
    eh, some of the stuff are not bad. i've never bought stuff fr them before, so can't really comment.
    just rem 'prestige' has a website: - the bags they have on sale are listed on yahoo auction so u can see which bags are avail at which branches (they have 2 branches).
  12. thanks sweet :smile:
  13. no prob! :smile: lucky gal, u, to be visiting sg, paris and london this yr! i wld think the prices are prob cheapeast in paris. hmm. :smile:
  14. Isadore do you know if the bags on the website from Singapore are all
    guaranteed to be genuine and not copies - I tried to email them and it was returned as undeliverable.
  15. crystal- I bought the limited edition bright red medium 2.55 from the Chanel Boutique on Brompton Rd, London and it cost almost £900 if that helps.