Can anyone tell me the name of this Botkier bag?

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  1. Hi there,

    I bought this bag recently from someone but I don't know the name of the style. I love the vintage look of the bag and the leather is really strong- it also fits a lot more than it looks- I just want to know what its called


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  2. There is a Botkier forum and you will probably get a quicker answer if you post there as well.
  3. It is the Carlton satchel. :yes:
  4. Thanks Green Pixie!:biggrin:
  5. That is a gorgeous bag!! So unique!! :drool:
  6. Thanks Loquita! I must say I had never heard of this style of botkier bag before and I have no idea of the original cost (i would love to know what it retailed for full price) but its brand new and im enjoying it so far!!
  7. Cool!! I have loved Botkier for a while, and just ordered my first one, too today (well, actually, it's my second one, I returned the first because I didn't get the color I wanted, doh). I'm so excited!! :yahoo:

    Your bag is fantastic, because it's so different from anything else that I have seen from Botkier, or most other lines, in fact -- Monica B. is certainly very, very talented.