can anyone tell me the name of this bag from s/s 2007

  1. it actually comes in four colours. red/white/blue/green

    i saw this bag in london for 880 pounds.

    how much is this bag in us please?

    which colour would you go for?

    white.jpg red.jpg blue.jpg
  2. it's either 1325, or 1375 or 1395. but definitely 1300 something. as for the color, i'm the worst decision maker when it comes to this, so i won't be of any help.
  3. Black or blue is best!
  4. The red or the black! :heart:
  5. i like blue! :love:
  6. red!!! (:
  7. I'd say red!
  8. red or blue!!
  9. That Bag is the one that I wanted as well.... in RED/ Green. Actually the red is more orange red. Diff from the classic 50's collection red blood. This bag is $1585. The 50's collection one is $1580. $5 diff. Saks and neiman carry them. Saks has the green n blue jumbo, not the ORANGE RED !!!! Orange red only NM.
  10. go for red...nice evening bag
  11. white or blue.

    I personally like white more. But I saw someone carrying the blue and it look really nice irl.
  12. ok ladies. i got the red one from chanel duty free in london heathrow airport for 748 pounds. really loving it. thanks for all your kind reply.

  13. I love the red!! How do you order from the airport boutique?? I'll be traveling there next month...
  14. i got mine from the chanel boutique in terminal 4. I rang them up and asked them to hold the bag for me so they did. i made the purchase just before my flight.

    their number is 02087549955. ask for rachel will do. it's better if you can call early just in case they don't have the bag you want. therefore they can still order one in for you.

    there is also a chanel boutique in terminal 3.

    good luck!
  15. Excellent!!! Thanks for the tip, I'll start the wish list.