Can anyone tell me the name of my new bag?

  1. Hello I have been reading this forum for the past month or so, and today it finally happened... I got my first Bbag:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Only problem is I don't know the name of it. I got it from Saks. It's pink ( not Magenta) with Gold hardware. I tried to post pictures in the glass slipper forum before from my camera and it would'nt let me. So I'll try and load them up from my phone. Can someone tell me the name of the bag. It was $1645 (before taxes)if that helps any.:love:
  2. Is it a part time with giant gold hardware?
  3. Bubblegum colour?
  4. I'm going to try and do the pictures now. It looks bugglegum to me. I saw a green one in the reference library that looks just like it but green.
  5. I was thinking of Bubblegum too actually :nuts:
  6. I am uploading my BG first pic here to show the colour..

    Is it this colour? :smile:
    BG First 08.JPG
  7. It's saying my pictures are too big:tdown: IDK how to fix them so I can show you.:push: The hardware has like little grooves in them, on the buttons. I'm gonna cry. I don't know the name of my bag.:cursing:
  8. No, a few shades darker, and with gold hardware
  9. If you edit your pictures using "Paint" program you could resize it..
    So if you open it w/ paint, go to your "Image" tab, and choose 'stretch/skew' you will be able to reduce the size..

    HTH :smile:
  10. Hmm..few shades darker?
    I wonder what could it be...:confused1:

    Or perhaps because of the GGH the colour is darker?
    I know there is a difference in shades between RH and GH..

    However, I couldn't think of anything else beside BG..My other guess is Magenta but you have already said it is not..:confused1:

  11. Ok I'll try that.
  12. Last try, do you have the paper tag that has the year and season with you?
    Perhaps we can decipher it from there..
  13. I hope this is it. from my phone 21208 033.jpg :yahoo:
  14. Thanks I would have never figured out how to do that. Now I can post pretty pictures all over the forum.:woohoo:
  15. No prob :yes:
    Glad to be able to help fellow TPFer :yes: