Can anyone tell me the model name of this Mulberry?

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  1. It would be much appreciated ladies & gents :smile:

    Thank you!

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  2. For some reason i'm thinking penrose. Will go and google it!
  3. I can't find it on the Mulberry website so is it an older one?
  4. Sorry I forgot to say that I did check and it wasn't there. :/

    But you were right, Flyvetjo! It is Penrose. I googled...
  5. yay!!!!
  6. I think its penrose.
  7. I've seen this selling at Yoox :smile:
  8. Yes, I wondering whether to buy it or not. :P It didn't say the model name so I was hoping to do a web search when i knew the name and see other pix. Can't find any though so I guess it wasn't popular?

    I love it though. It's very simple & classic.