Can anyone tell me the color of this paddington? TIA

  1. I just won this Chloe paddington and was wondering if anyone knew the color. The description says light brown.

    I hope it was ok to use the picture from the auction.
  2. I believe this is tan...
  3. Looks like tan to me too!!
  4. Thank you, ladies!!!
  5. Actually - I am not sure it is tan because it looks different from my supposedly tan/hazelnut! There seems to be a little more yellow?
  6. It could be Gazelle (F/W 06) aswell, I have a wallet in that colour and it's almost like tan but a hint more yellowish:yes:
  7. Looks like chamois... :confused1: But it's very nice :heart:
  8. i think it's tan... tan looks like a honey color..
  9. A later tan colour. My 05 tan paddy is slightly darker.