can anyone tell me the brand of Paris's dress?

  1. hey guys

    does anyone know the Brand of PARIS's Dress??

    any ideas?
  2. no one?
  3. the print looks very "cavalli"-esque, but I'm not sure. Another brand that does leopard print often is Dolce Gabbana, but it could as easily be a no-name designer too
  4. Another vote for Dolce & Gabbana. Maybe you can take the pic to a store like Saks or NM to find out?
  5. dunno, but its cute!!!
  6. Sorry don't know designer but she is dark now?????
  7. i fell like DGs lepords a little more "loud" and not so dark and subtle like that one....but u never know :smile:
  8. dont know sorry but its lovely!
  9. Don't know, but love it! Kim's hair looks pretty.
  10. Could be Dolce and Gabanna
  11. not sure, but I want it. so cute.
  12. I believe its Roberto Cavalli.
  13. Could be Versace as well... they love animal prints.
  14. my guess is cavalli.