Can anyone tell me more about the color Watermelon?

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  1. Hello ladies! I just wanted to know your inputs about the Mint Green or Watermelon color for the Muse? I have a chance to get this bag (OS size, exact picture below) and I'm not sure if it's the Watermelon color or just Mint Green. Is it easy to maintain? I've never had a light colored bag before so I'm a bit hesitant. I sold my Purple Muse long ago without really using it so I never had the chance to figure these out. Can anyone tell me more about this bag? Does it break in like Bal? Gets softer with use? Are YSL leathers consistent or are there good years and bad years as well?

    Any info about this color and bag would be much appreciated! TIA!:heart:

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  2. If you do a search in the Reference Library there are a couple of pics of watermelon colored bags. As you can see in your pic too, its a very very pale mint green, almost white.

    With this light of a color, and particularly in patent, you'd have to be extremely careful to avoid soil and color transfer from your clothes.
  3. Also, the YSL textured patent doesn't really soften or change over time. It's pretty pliable to start but how the bag is when you first receive it is pretty much how it will be for the life of the bag.
  4. it's a gorgeous colour that changes in the light from minty green to almost a pale green/gray at times.
    i am careful when i use it since it is a light bag. color transfer can be a problem with the lighter bags.
    it's a beautiful patent treatment -- not a flat patent. ysl does wonderful things with patents, making them multidimensional.
  5. chinsumo has a watermelon tribute tote. try asking him. HTH
  6. Looks very pretty IMO. I would think the colour transfer problem wouldn't be as bad with patent, but I could be wrong.
  7. i think it's actually worse with the patent -- it seems that most of the colour transfer problems i see on here are the light colour patent bags.
    mine has had a little on the handle (lord knows from where) but it's really not that noticable.
  8. I have a Medium Downtown in this color and I haven't had any problems with it. In reference to being a light color- yes, u have to be careful w/ it. Usually bags like this, I wear once in a while and take care of where I place them, etc. Overall, I get lots of compliments on this bag/color. I really like it, and just as YSLALICE mentioned, it changes color depending on the light. Sometimes it does look grayish and other sometimes a true mint color. As far as being an easy color to match w/ outfits- I think so. IMO, it's a pale, neutral color that goes w/ the majority of colors.
    Good luck w/ ur decision.