Can Anyone Tell Me Info On This Bag?!

  1. This bag is featured on the Chanel website under the prefall/winter accessories heading. It is number 14 and the description is Large Lambskin Totebag A35474 402419 91217. It has the leather/chain from the shoulder strap through the body of the bag and the CC's. Not quilted. Site won't let me copy pic. WANT IT!

    Anyone own (lucky u); price? THANK YOU!:nogood:
  2. Hey, erica1451

    Thanking you! Enjoyed all the great pics on the link; it will be the next one i get - small black one! I recently got the 2.55 reissue 226 in metallic black. That's the one for now, but the Sharpy is what I will shoot for next! :rolleyes: