Can anyone tell me if this is the Prada Fairy...

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  1. I must be blind... but i didn't see any prada, much less fairy clutch or wristlet, on the images? Can you repost please? Thanks!
  2. The link should take you to a large photo of Jennifer Love holding it in her hand by her side. Does the link not work for you?
  3. sorry... the first link is jessica alba... second is a mag cover with kate winslet.

    can someone else try???
  4. Hope this helps:
  5. i think this is the wristlet. The clutch is very rectangular and flatter.
  6. Yep it's the wristlet!

    Is the wristlet larger then the wallet?
    I know you can fit more in the wristlet....I am just wondering about the sizes.
  7. I love all the fairy accessories. :heart:

    and, there is a fairy clutch? :nuts: can someone point me in the direction of a picture, please?
  8. These are some pics I took from the catalog
    A comparison between the wristlet and the clutch
    clutch front
    clutch back

    :smile: I have been wondering if you guys would like me to scan pics of the catalog and post them?? Or is this against the rules?
  9. thank you!!! is the clutch really bit like that pink/grey clutch that was in the fall collection?

    I'm thinking it's a bit smaller than that one, judging by its size next to the wristlet.
  10. Bronte, I have the wristlet! I love it!!! It fits a lot of my stuff (see attached pic)... I've used it a few times and only received compliments on it... some Saks Prada SAs have even pulled me in to look at it!

    Attached Files:

  11. Well I got the wallet and I love it but I think I am going to go for the wristlet instead. I just like the idea of packing all my little daily items into it and being on my way.

    If anyone would like my wallet please let me know, if not Ebay it is! LOL!
  12. marose28, I :heart: clutch! Its so cute!
  13. Hi-class,thanks! I heart it too. It's a small piece of the fairy line at a fraction of the cost... but I have to admit, I am still hunting down a fairy tote. One small fairy is jut not enough!
  14. :tup:hi, i was referred by sharon, im interested with the prada fairy wallet that you have,here is my phone number 7739546702- my name is cristina. thanks much and hope to hear from you.