Can anyone tell me if the Cerf..........

  1. comes in black leather with a silver CC closure??

    I was in Chanel today in Americana Manhasset, and the SA didn't know. They had a Cerf with the silver mme. closure, but I wanted it with a silver CC closure.
  2. Yes, I am almost positive they are also made with the silver CC's.
  3. Thanks Michele!!!!
  4. Cerf tote with SILVER CC's will be newly released later on this fall (by the end of this year), according to Chanel 57th St. NYC boutique. However it will most likely come with the post-price-hike price tag....i.e. hundreds more.

    They had the Cerf with the Ruthenium (dark silver) hardware & Mademoiselle lock but that version is pretty much sold-out now in the large size.
  5. Thanks Foxy!!!!

    I was interested in the east/west Cerf's longer than it is taller....I saw this bag today and loved it. I thought I might prefer it with the CC I needed to find out if it came that way.....OMG the increase!!!! If I get a Cerf, it's going to be before the increase, so I may opr for the mme. closure.

    Thanks for you help!!!
  6. Nordstrom Seattle is ordering it for the Cruise season in black w/silver CC closure and white w/silver CC closure. I don't know what the price increase will be come that time and neither did my s/a.
  7. Thanks Roey,

    I really think I want this bag, but I feel the prices for Chanel have skyrocketed so much, it does leave me feeling turned off.......but I want this bag!!!!!!!!

    On one hand I think I should just get the mme. closure....but then I think I want the CC closure......geez, what a silly thing to get balled up about, yet I can't make up my mind!!!!

    Thanks for your help!!!!:idea:

  8. I thought only the Large Cerf came in the CC lock ...
    am I wrong???
  9. I actually had a SA at Sak's argue with me that there was NO SUCH THING as a Cerf Tote two days ago! I was like, uh, YES there really is, I own one, I just want another one in Brown!!! :nuts:
  10. Queen, I believe you are right, the small cerf does not come with CC, only MM.
  11. So far, the cerfs only have "gold" cc closures. Not sure if the silver is coming out.
  12. Queen and Lib - never occured to me that the Cerf in the east/west version would only be available in the mme. and not the CC. Now I know. Now I have to decide.

    Many many thanks!!!!!

  13. And thanks Awbrat......didn;t know the CC was only gold for now. Thank you!!!!
  14. That can't be true cos I saw a black one at Saks yesterday