Can anyone tell me anything about these CL's?

  1. Style name? Price? Are they still available?
    I NEED these shoes. =) :heart:

  2. I believe that they are called the Nude Clichy w/ crystal heel. The black and burgandy ones went on sale for about $400-500 but I am not sure about the nude ones. They retailed for about $1000-1200? I dont think they are available anymore
  3. I love those shoes, they are TDF!
    HSL is correct, that is the clichy with the crystal heel but I can't tell if they are nude or camel. I recall seeing them at the Barneys spring/summer sale. I have not seen this style in general for a while, so not sure if it will be available again. Your best bet is probably eBay.
  4. Love the clichy's! When my SAs told me Louboutin was bringing the Clichys back, I was soooooo excited. I thought I had missed out on them forever. But alas, I was thinking about the "Clichy" from years past, which were the straight-heeled pigalles with a rounded instead of pointed toe. I was too distraught over the fact that this was not what I had in mind that I missed out on how great these shoes are. Def a style I regret not picking up!

    I've seen a few pairs on eBay, but haven't seen these in stores for a while.
  5. Fate - really, the clichy is coming back?!?! I can't wait, I too missed out on this style and have regretted it since. Now my approach with CL shoes is when I see something I love, I get it immediately. Because I always seem to regret it if I don't get something that I saw and then I can't locate it anywhere.
  6. ^--- Kamilla, I'm PMing you.
  7. These are also known as the Clichy Strass - just in case that helps you with your eBay searches :smile:
  8. i have the same shoe but in black. it's hot!
  9. I recently bought the Clichy in 100mm straight skinny heel, are they bringing the ones with the crystal back or the 120mm one?