Can anyone tell me about this old Gucci bag?

  1. Hello Gucci gang!

    I found this bag at the back of my closet--it's probably close to 20 years old, i remember purchasing it when the Gucci boutique was a tiny two-level shop on 5th Ave--before anyone even heard of Tom Ford! I was going to give it to my niece to play with (she's 9) but was wondering if it's in any way valuable since it's from sooo long ago--any thoughts?

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. Sadly, not many vintage gucci's are fetching a whole lot of money....I have many too that I have kept over the years. I do still carry them and everytime I do I get a tone of compliments. You may want to keep it, but I also think it's a cute bag for a little girl.....

  3. Put this in the NAME THAT GUCCI THREAD..MAYBE someone can help ya there
  4. That bag probably retailed for between $100-200 and wouldn't sell for much now - I think you should just give it to your neice, it would be cute!
  5. I am rather new to tPF and also have this Gucci bag. Am curious...did you get any other replies to your inquiry? I know this was from 2007 and you may not remember but I have searched through pages and pages of the NAME THAT GUCCI thread but didn't find anything. It's a cute little bag that can be worn crossbody nicely so I think I will keep it but wanted to find out if it's worth anything these days... Thanks!!:smile:
  6. I want to estimate it can fetch 50-60$ on the bay. I am recently obsessed and i have come across a ton of gucci in search of my holy grail.

    the vintages that i see that fetch more are the doctor satchel looking ones. hope that helps
  7. I agree with others it is at least worth $50.00 -I cannot tell what condition it is in but it looks like it is in very good condition. A nine year old girl is too young for the bag either save it and give it to her when she is older or sell it on eBay. I recently bought a vintage Gucci for $125.00 from a consignment shop. Here is pic of mine though it is not same style. There are some people who only buy vintage Gucci so there is a buyer for it out there. If you sell on eBay you should post clear pictures of the serial number, zipper and any signs of wear.
  8. i recently bought myself a vintage gucci on eBay too for a little over $100. it's not teh same style though, it was black canvas messenger style bag with the signature green and red web detail on it. there is definitely a market on ebay for it. but like the others said. the style you have is not as popular among collectors. i recommend you keep it, since it is vintage, and who knows, like everything else that's old, will become new again! and it may be worth lots more later on.
  9. I have the same bag. It was mine when I was a teenager. Mine is not in good condition, the strap at the base if the bag is coming off. It's in my closet collecting dust. If mine was in good condition, I would give it to my daughter. I think your niece would love it.