Can anyone tell me about this David Yurman bracelet?

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  1. I inherited this lovely bracelet and wanted to know more about it--does anyone know about when this style was made, or what the small purple stone is? I'm debating whether or not to sell it--I'm not sure it's my style--so does anyone have any idea what it's worth? TIA!
  2. Congrats on your lovely bracelet.

    I've been collecting David Yurman for about five years now, and I'm not familiar with this style, so perhaps it is older than that. Are you certain it is David Yurman? Is it stamped (c) David Yurman, or D. Yurman, or DY? I'm just asking because there are a lot of other designers who are doing similar types of sterling/18k jewelry these days.

    I'm pretty sure that the stone is a pink tourmaline. Below are a couple of current "wheat chain" bracelets by Yurman (from They are in the $500-range. But your bracelet has more gold--plus the tourmaline--so that would make it more valuable, I presume.


  3. thank you cosmopolitan!

    it's stamped (c)D.Y. then it says 585 925 (for gold and silver I guess). I wonder if an SA at Saks or bergdorf's would know anything more?
  4. I'm guessing that a David Yurman bracelet with that amount of gold and the gemstone accents probably retailed in the neighborhood of $700-800 a few years ago. It's always hard to know what price you could get if you try to resell it, though. Good luck.
  5. I just bought a necklace for my brother that looks similar to yours.
    Is it Titainium (Sp?) The really light weight metal! ??
  6. I'm embarassed to ask this question but, I have a Yurman bracelet cable style with Topaz ends. I have seen them worn both ways, stones on top of wrist and stones on bottom, like a regular cuff bracelet. Which is the proper way???
  7. ^^My mom told me the stones on top. sometimes I see ppl w/ the real thick bracelets w/ stones on bottom, prob cause the bracelet is heavy so it may shift.
  8. I have a 10mm DY bracelet and I only wear it with the stones up...the bracelet does not shift, it's a cuff's a pic:

  9. Definitely stones up. Why bother having stones if they aren't going to be shown? Kind of like wearing your engagement ring with the diamond turned around. And I think you would risk cracking or breaking the gems if they were on the underside of your wrist. Would be very hard on them.