Can anyone tell me about this bag?

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  1. Okay, as I was looking through the MJ pictures in the references a lovely Pf-er posted I LOVE this bag! Does anyone know anything about it? What it retailed for? And maybe where I could find one? Thank you!
  2. well, according to what she's put on there, it's the python trim zoe from resort 2002...but i'm guessing that's no help, since you already knew that ;). i'm guessing that the fact it's 4 years old would make it pretty hard to come by, unless you found one on eBay. bag.lover will know for sure, though :smile:
  3. ^ yea, I am hoping that bag.lover can gimme the goods on this purse HAHA But thank you for the reply nonethless, now my lil thread doesn't feel so lonely!
  4. I've seen those pop up on eBay every so often, as well as the all leather Zoe's. eBay will probably be your best bet.
  5. Just check for it everyday...Keep it in the back of your mind and if it comes up for auction it's a plus!! I've done that and most of the time the item you long for will appear...hopefully in the condition you want too....Good luck!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  6. thanks emmy! hehe
  7. This bag is from several years ago.
    JaP4life - if you want more information (exact price, available colors, etc), I can ask MJ boutiques for you. Their past season items are still full price; with python trimming, it would be a pricier item.

  8. This thread belongs(For future reference!),in the NAME THAT MJ BAG THREAD at the top of the forum.
  9. oh okay Jill! Sorry about that :shame:

    Thanks guys for the advice. Bag.Lover if you would happen to ask about it that would be great,but it's not a problem at all if you don't. Thank you for offering too! I don't want to be a nuisance though. Particularly since I know this bag would be high on my "out of reach but in my dreams" list. If you do happen to find out any information, I wonder if any accessories were available with the python.