can anyone tell me about this bag??

  1. hello everyone!!! this was given to me from my boyfriend last year for christmas...he acutally got it in the new york woodbury commons fendi outlet....ive never seen this bag anywhere else and i cant seem to find anything on line about it...i was wondering if anyone could help me...i am looking to sell it because it isnt big enough for me so i wanted to know some information about it!!! i dont know much about fendi!! :yes:
    pic4.jpg pic5.jpg newpic1.jpg
  2. anyone find anything out!!!
  3. its my 1st time seeing this fendi bag .. im not an expert but i had never ever seen it before ... have u tried taking it to fendi boutique?
  4. i was going to but i have to find time to go to new york....i dont know where any other fendi boutique is????
  5. It's cute - I like the nouveau detail on the buckle. The contrast line stitching makes me think it might be a selleria line bag?
  6. its a beautiful bag....and it has the scrolled detail all over the bag just like the buckle
  7. its a cute bag and the contrast stitching makes it unique