Can anyone tell me about this bag?

  1. Sorry if this has been posted already or somewhere else... but can anyone tell me more about this bag? I tore out the page from the latest Elle I think, the one with Jessica Alba on the cover. I am obsessed with it! It is so beautiful!:heart: :drool:
    000_0094.jpg 000_0095.jpg 000_0096.jpg
  2. it's a 35 birkin (runway piece) with plaid and togo leather (i think). it's this same bag, right?

  3. It is a beautiful runway piece. But they do have a lot of RTW pieces made in that fabric that are available as well as a really cute fedora that is made in the same combo as the Birkin.
  4. I really love the fabric pieces. Since they are runway are they more or less expensive? Did they make any Kellys with fabric?
  5. the other issue is, they're not readily available......*boohoo*
  6. I remember seeing a pale pink suede JPG Birkin on the runway picture before, so beautiful. Btw, my other SA told me that in the February podium, they actually offered croc JPG Birkin there. :nuts:
  7. I just took this from the Stars and their Hermes. This is the model with the outfit and everything! A little to much IMO but I still love:heart: the bag!
  8. go get one kuo!:nuts: